Execution to Delight

Just as a great movie is a delight to watch only if it is well-edited and packaged, a well-printed job is only as good as its post-press.

We have the necessary automation in the Post Press finishing department for  Cutting, Folding, Sewing, Lamination, Binding and Packaging.

  • Paper Folding Machines
  • Perfect Binding Machines (Single Clamp)
  • Perfect Binding Machines (Six Clamp)
  • Lamination Machine Thermal
  • Lamination Machine Normal
  • Auto Stitching Machines
  • Paper Sewing Machine
  • Creasing & Perforation Machine
  • Auto Paper Cutting Machine
  • Bundle Binding/Wrapping Machine
  • Shrink Wrapping Machine
  • 3 KT Machine
  • Casemaker Machine
  • Flow Line Machine with 5 Station
  • Flow Line Machine with 8 Station
  • Other Paper Cutting Machine